Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Months in 5 Minutes

As you can tell I am VERY diligent at keeping up this family blog. It consumes my every thought. Night and day, slaaving away at the keyboard... Hmm what has happened since April? Shall I let the photos do the talking? Ok.

In no particular order:

Sammie received her very first soccer ball. A little big I know, I must admit she "shares" it with me. It's so cute watching her kick it around the house. She's a natural.

First shot of her standing up in her crib. She sure has changed since then.

Wrong place for a bath Sammie.

We were living at the student housing at the U up until May. Scott received an internship he had applied for in Salt Lake City working for Savage Services and we were so excited to be spending our summer in Salt Lake. We had been planning and dreaming of all the fun we would have being around family and friends. Plans of boating, hiking, camping, soon went down the drain as we were offered to go to Texas for the  internship instead. We had about one day to decide if we wanted to go, we said "eh why not?" and then started packing our bags for the smoltering heat of Houston, Texas. This was one of our last pre-summer nights in Salt Lake.

In the meantime Preston got some bees.

And somewhere along the line we had a final cookout with the Bishoff siblings at Prestons house before we left for Texas. Little Makayla and Sammie are so little and hairless in this photo.

Since the heat kept us in most days Sammie learned all sorts of lovely tricks that kept me running from room to room trying to keep her out of things like the yummy toilet water.  (Hey I wash my body with that purple pouf Sammie! Gross)

Baby on a leash? Homemade but it works like a charm. No more judging those 11 year olds on leashes at amusement parks. I'm a believer.

We drove through Moab on our way to Texas and spent a morning sky diving. I have always thought of myself as kind of a tough girl, but after having a baby I myself have become quite the baby. Does anyone else feel like they have more nausea and less courage since having a baby?  I'm not going to post the aftermath photos of me...

We've been missing Aunt Cynthia. We also missed the Bishoff family reunion which Cynthia and Daren were able to go to and we were bummed we weren't able to see them.

Oh! and my little Tiffy got engaged!!! Look how happy they are.

And then she got married!!! Look how happy we are!!

While we were in Utah for the wedding we were treated to a few nights at the Grand America, thank you Savage Service- you may have drained out bank account moving us out there but at least we have these memories. We were treated like kings and queens. More tea? crumpets? Don't mind if I do.

Sammie in 4 states at 1 time, pretty neato Sam Sam.

I think she misses eating the sand.

Went to a cool sand castle competition. This is what we entered in. Pretty impressive for beginners right?... I wish we could build something like this.

We got to ride the ferry a few times down in our favorite place of Galveston.

NASA stuff.

Houston Zoo +  Sammie's fake smile she acquired in Texas.

 Now that's more like it. Here's a real cheese ball.

Lots of swimming in Texas.

We didn't really mind our home for 2 months.

My fireworks photos are on another computer so this will have to do.  There is a really cool boardwalk about a mile from where we stayed in Texas. It had roller coasters and all sorts of theme parky, touristy things. My favorite part of the Kemah Boardwalk were the fireworks every Friday night.  This is us wishing the fireworks would never end, Sammie loved them.

Carouselling it up at the Kemah Boardwalk.

Piles and piles of sulfur. Scott was working with oil refineries and this huge pile of sulfur is a byproduct of refining oil. The things we learned in Texas.

I have told this story once, and I'll tell it again. As a typical baby, Sammie tends to put everything in her mouth. So it isn't uncommon to see her chewing something I didn't feed her. However, when I found THIS is what she decided to chew on one day, I decided to monitor her chewing habits a little closer. It is essentially a small cockroach. Which was still moving as I pried it from her mouth. Disgusting.

She must have realized what she had done because moments later I found her doing this.

As soon as we got home from Texas we wasted no time getting to the mountains. We went on a fun little camping trip with some of the cousins down in Huntington Utah.

And this is her now. Walking, talking, and learning new things everyday. She has become a little more of a mommy and daddy's girl, but she is still the happiest kid around. We love her more than anything.

We are living back in Salt Lake awaiting our fate as we wait hear from a few places Scott has interviewed with. Wish us luck!

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